As per Council directive, there will be no re examination in Geography for the ICSE.




Dear Patricians,

Greetings from your Alma Mater. Come January 2016, St Patrick’s School will keep its date with destiny. It will be one of the very few schools to complete 125 glorious years in the service of education. This is a unique landmark in the history of the Indian educational process.

To celebrate and observe this, we at St Patrick’s wish to mark this momentous occasion in a manner commensurable to its importance. We have already initiated our vision. Though our school has already made its mark in the world of education, we feel we need to expand so that we can cater more comprehensively to a larger number of meritorious as well as needy students in the days to come.  We are now poised for growth and expansion, academically as well as infrastructure wise.

With this in mind we have undertaken certain projects to provide the best for the students. The construction of the new Basketball Court has begun and it will be operational from the 7th of April.

The batch of 1989 has generously taken up the project of renovation and beautification of the KG Park. Work will begin in the first week of May 2015.

The renovation of Nai Disha (our outreach wing) is under way. The vocational centre will commence in April 2016.

However a lot more needs to be done. St Patrick’s School has always been the pioneer in promoting the very best in all fields.

One of the major projects will be an ‘Indoor Badminton Facility’.We also wish to upgrade our science laboratory with state of the art equipment and apparatus. The library will be improved upon to fit the taste and intellect of the modern child.

Our endeavour is to spread towards new horizons and in newer directions. This requires your consistent cooperation and collaboration.

I call upon you to come forward to participate in the process of development and expansion of an institution of learning so that it can serve the nation better in the times to come.

All Patricians are invited and requested to network with fellow Patricians in your respective areas to further the causes of our school. We wish to complete all projects before 2016.

The contribution towards St Patrick’s School, Asansol is exempted u/s 80-G of the Income Tax Act.

You may contact the Principal’s office for further details.

Kindly see the annexed page for forwarding your contribution. We need your sustained support. Your support will go a long way to form the future generation of leaders for the country.

Come Patricians, live your dream of making your alma mater the destiny of the future, the home of us all.

I eagerly look forward to your support for this noble cause and assure you and your family of my prayers and blessings.

For further details please contact the school office at 0341-228-1059/0341-228-1803

Or send an email to [email protected]

Yours sincerely,

Mr Nigel Michael D’Souza


St Patrick’s H. S. School,

G. T. Road, Asansol 713301.

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  • Cheque/DD to be drawn in favour of “ST PATRICKS JUBILEE ACCOUNT(A UNIT OF CCBI)”
  • For Donation Transfer : “ST PATRICKS JUBILEE ACCOUNT(A UNIT OF CCBI)” SB A/C No: 95202010016698
  • IFSC Code : SYNB0009520

For further details please contact the school office at 0341-228-1059/0341-228-1803

Or send an email to [email protected]

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  Miss Marie Berger, former teacher of St Patrick’s School, Asansol, passed away this morning, the 12th day of February, 2015. Born November 9th, 1930, she had worked in St Patrick’s for over thirty years. She was the first Junior School Coordinator of St Patrick’s School. Many ex-students the world over have been taught by her. She was a dedicated teacher for whom teaching was truly a vocation. She is fondly remembered by all. We pray that God may grant eternal light to the departed soul. We offer our heartfelt condolences to the bereaved family. The Principal, Management, Staff and Students of St Patrick’s School, Asansol.                        





Wanted teachers for PHYSICS and CHEMISTRY at the PLUS TWO level (ISC). Must be proficient in English.



—————————————————————————————————————————————————————-     St Patrick’s School has turned out students since 1891 and the alumni today may be found all round the globe. We are happy to state that Patricians the world over are well established and settled in life and are proud of their heritage, of their Patrician legacy. It is therefore natural for Patricians to assemble together and form, where they are now, clubs or groups or ententes or interact through the electronic media to shoot the breeze, to chat about the ‘good ole days’. We at St Patrick’s School would love our ex-students to do so. Surfing through the web, or wading through Facebook, we find many such, and are happy.   But our boys, and girls nowadays, should keep in mind that any data sharing should not undermine a fellow Patrician, nor should it move beyond what is ethical. The use of some school information, minor and immaterial though it may be, which a few of these ex-student bodies have acquired is unethical. We request all to refrain from indulging in acts that are dishonourable and detrimental to the goodwill of the school, and not in keeping with the Patrician spirit.   One understands that the school has, in its archives, the records of all admissions and withdrawals, the results of all the examinations and the fees paid by the students from 1891 till November, 2014. Anything a student of St Patrick’s School may need, can need or will need is available in the school itself. In addition to this any and every detail regarding the parents of students over the ages, the staff, the community and our relation with the world at large can be found in our records. This is confidential information and we remain the sole custodian of all such information. Alumni are provided references and testimonials from our database, the only authentic and official source, when required.   Though our blessings and good wishes are with all our old boys and all student groups, St Patrick’s School accepts, regards, believes and states that SPAAA is our alumni body. We urge all alumni to join SPAAA and help in the growth of our dedicated alumni body.   All TWENTY-SIXTEEN functions will be conducted by the school itself, aided by SPAAA, where required. We have NOT authorised any student body to carry out any activity related to our school functions celebrating our Jubilee@125.   We wish all our boys and girls all the best in life. God Bless !           125 AND BEYOND : Quasquicentennial celebrations at St Patrick’s School, Asansol. Come 2016, St Patrick’s School will join the annals of world history as one of the very few schools to complete 125 glorious years in the service of education. This is a landmark in the history of the Indian educational process. On the advice of the Archbishop the Christian Brothers opened their first school outside Calcutta. This was St. Patrick’s School, Asansol. Br. Paul Kinnear was appointed Director. The school started with 4 brothers and 13 boys. The rest is history which you are all aware of. To commemorate this, we at St Patrick’s feel it our duty and obligation, to mark this momentous occasion in a manner commensurable to its importance. We appeal to all students, present and past, to be an active participant in the making of the history of our school. It is in your hands, Patricians, to write the history of St Patrick’s School; 125 years and beyond.


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