Mr Aditya Prasad Banerjee

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Mr Aditya Prasad Banerjee, a teacher at St Patrick’s School, Asansol from 1st August,1957 to 31st May 1993, passed away on 16th August, 2017.

He taught Bengali in the Senior School for thirty-six years. Universally loved and respected, he was a cheerful companion and the heart and soul of any discussion. He had directed a Bengali play on social awareness in the seventies.

His wife Mrs Aloka Banerjee and nephew Mr Achintya Kumar Banerjee also taught at St Patrick’s School.

We express our heartfelt condolences to the bereaved family.

May God grant them strength to bear this loss.

May God grant his soul peace and eternal rest.

From the Principal, Staff and Students of St Patrick’s School, Asansol.



                                              CONGRATULATIONS !!!

It gives us immense pleasure to share with all our cent percent success in the ICSE and ISC.

Our ICSE topper is Subhajeet Roy with 97.6% while the ISC topper is Chandan Maji with 97.75%.

In the ICSE we have 18 six-pointers while 54 students scored 90% or more, with 35 scoring between 80 and 90 %.

Our ISC results were equally good with 31 of the 88 students scoring 80% or more.

Congratulations to all students, teachers and parents for this wonderful achievement.

You have made us proud.



St Patrick’s School has turned out students since 1891 and the alumni today are found all round the globe. We are happy to state that Patricians the world over are well established and settled in life and are proud of their heritage, of their Patrician legacy. It is therefore natural for Patricians to assemble together and form, where they are now, clubs or groups or ententes or interact through the electronic media to shoot the breeze, to chat about the ‘good ole days’. We at St Patrick’s School would love our ex-students to do so. Surfing through the web, or wading through Facebook, we find many such, and are happy.   But our boys, and girls nowadays, should keep in mind that any data sharing should not undermine a fellow Patrician, nor should it move beyond what is ethical.

We wish all our boys and girls all the best in life. God Bless !


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