[FOR THE SESSION: 2017 – 18]


The New Academic Session for Class: XI will commence on 24th April, 2017 at 6.35 am.

Orientation Meeting: The Principal and the Management will meet the Parents of the students of Class: XI in the School Auditorium on 24th April, 2017 at 7.00 am.

 [All parents of the students of Class: XI must be present for the orientation meeting]

Book List: Book list will be issued from the School Office on 19th April, 2017 at 9 a.m.

N.B. For further notices/information please follow the: (a) School Notice Board (b) School Website (

(Mr. Nigel Michael D’Souza)


Dated: 18th April, 2017


St Patrick’s School has turned out students since 1891 and the alumni today are found all round the globe. We are happy to state that Patricians the world over are well established and settled in life and are proud of their heritage, of their Patrician legacy. It is therefore natural for Patricians to assemble together and form, where they are now, clubs or groups or ententes or interact through the electronic media to shoot the breeze, to chat about the ‘good ole days’. We at St Patrick’s School would love our ex-students to do so. Surfing through the web, or wading through Facebook, we find many such, and are happy.   But our boys, and girls nowadays, should keep in mind that any data sharing should not undermine a fellow Patrician, nor should it move beyond what is ethical.

We wish all our boys and girls all the best in life. God Bless !

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