125 AND BEYOND : Quasquicentennial celebrations at St Patrick’s School, Asansol.

Come 2016, St Patrick’s School will join the annals of world history as one of the very few schools to complete 125 glorious years in the service of education. This is a landmark in the history of the Indian educational process. On the advice of the Archbishop the Christian Brothers opened their first school outside Calcutta. This was St. Patrick’s School, Asansol. Br. Paul Kinnear was appointed Director. The school started with 4 brothers and 13 boys. The rest is history which you are all aware of. To commemorate this, we at St Patrick’s feel it our duty and obligation, to mark this momentous occasion in a manner commensurable to its importance. We appeal to all students, present and past, to be an active participant in the making of the history of our school. It is in your hands, Patricians, to write the history of St Patrick’s School; 125 years and beyond.



    TO WHOM IT MAY CONCERN All alumni functions held on the St Patrick’s School premises must come through our officially recognized global alumni body, SPAAA. The Principal.

  • Independence Day 2014

    Independence Day 2014

  • Workers’ Day 2014

    Workers’ Day 2014


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