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Nai Disha

In keeping with noble vision of our founders blessed Edmund Rice and the Congregation of Christian Brothers, St. Patrick’s has embarked upon the noble venture of helping the poor children, who are found begging in the Asansol Railway platform. In order to give desired shape to this blessed idea, ’Nai Disha’ was launched on 10th August, 2002-the Bicentenary year of the congregation of Christian Brothers Mr.Ravindra Verma, the R.P.F commandment of Asansol Railway Division, inaugurated essentially a school of the poverty-ridden kids, ‘Nai Disha’. Mrs.Seema Paul, the respected Headmistress of St.Patrick’s higher Secondary school, Rev.Br.M.R.Beddoe, Superior of St.Patrick’s and St. Vincent’s, and other Christian Brothers and Railway officials also graced the inauguration program. The school already has children from various age groups and is ever growing in strength. These children, otherwise beggars and child labourers, are given a free meal everyday and their classes are held from 10.00 am to 12.30 pm, on a daily basis. The boys of St.Patrick’s school spend some precious time with them, teaching them and playing with them. There are two teachers, who look after their education related activities and proper care is also taken for general health and hygiene. They are supervised by Mr.K. A. Kuriakose. Sound medical checkup is provided for these children from time to time by doctors from the city .

Apart from this, help in various forms and kinds like medicines, funds, clothes, educational materials, etc. also pours in from our parents and ex-student’s whose interest and participation in this scheme has gone a long way in making this venture a grand success. From daily reports, one learns, that these impoverished kids are progressing at a steady pace. As a certification of the above fact, it is also heartening to learn that, one of the kid s was placed in St.Vincent’s technical stream, where he is doing a course in automobile machinery. The platform children, otherwise very jovial and childish like any other normal kid, live a life of extreme poverty and deprivation. Their very extension and survival is an everyday struggle, and as a result most of them suffer from malnutrition and other deadly diseases. When they grow up in such an atmosphere ‘where survival of the fittest’ is the basic norm, they only succeed in becoming drug-addict’s, criminals or prostitutes. So this noble scheme launched by St.Patrick’s Higher Secondary School could go a long way in making this world a beautiful place for them.