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The Prodigal Son Concert

St.Patrick’s H.S. School has a really high standard in everything but when the question of a co-curricular activity is concerned no other school can dare to challenge us and this standard has been set by students studying all throughout it’s history. Carrying on with this tradition the boys(oh! I am really sorry) The ‘students’ of SPS jumped into the call of ‘duty’. The students of class 5-12 selected a scene of “The Prodigal Son” started preparing it.As usual class 10 and 12′s were just spectators to this grand event. The parable of this year’s concert was “The Prodigal Son”. The prodigal son is a story about a son or rather a lost son acted by Shamrez ,the Father by Joydeep Goswami and elder son by Indra Narayan.The students who lent their voices were Sanket Biswas(Father), Subhankar Sen(Elder Son), Arnab Chatterjee(narrator), Pubali chatterjee(narrator), ,Yashodeep Mukherjee(narrator).All of these splendid performance was handled by Mrs.S.Shah. As usual the diligent trio Mr.Peterson, Mr.Massey and Mr.Lazarus prepared a youthful choir.The choir was like the life of the whole show pumping in rhythm to the whole environment and the play.

The whole morning of 12th December,2009 started with three folk dances from various parts of the country. The Bengali folk dance whose theme was UNITY, the Bhangra or the Punjabi folk dance which represented POWER in GRACE and the Goanesse folk dance which presented the theme of JOY.

The play then started and the audience was thrilled to see their children putting up a great show and acting to the best of their abilities. Several dances and songs were sung in and danced to in the play to make the story even more interesting and to cater to the taste of audience of all ages.The “EVIL” dance was put up by the students of class XI’s. The Rejoice dance was put up by class VIII. It contained all types and a special juggling event- It contained a streamer dance , a dance on Michael Jackson’s Thriller, a tap dance and the juggling and spinning event – the most exciting topics of the play.

After the play was over the audience was just awestruck regarding the performance of the students. Brother Christopher our chief guest for the morning gave us some very inspirational and enthralling words. Mrs.Paul gave the vote of thanks to all the teachers and staffs of SPS who did so much even beyond the call of their duty to put up this grand show. Mrs.Paul presented the man behind the scene -Mr.N.D’souza a special vote of thanks.Really nothing good have been done without the contribution of Mrs.Paul and Mr. D’souza. Then followed a number of carols which filled the whole atmosphere and kindled in our breasts a spirit of Christmas. But what made us even more happy was that we received a holiday on Monday which we rightly deserved.