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Spectrum 2011

Lending expressions to the multifarious emotions of today’s youth in a competitive spirit and environment, comes Spectrum, Asansol’s premier Inter-School Cultural festival.

Come September, Spectrum, the Patrician Fiesta enters its seventh year in making the pupils on today’s stage ready for the world’s stage tomorrow.

Love is the most powerful, magical force in the universe and nowhere does it display its beauty and wonder more than in the intimate and enduring relationships around which our lives revolve. Spectrum, the Patrician Fiesta, 2011 is a tribute to one such beautiful relationship which stands the test of time — the relationship between a mother and her child.

To celebrate and honour this unconditional relationship, our theme this year is, “Mother – My Amazing Grace”

Offering events varied and pleasant, this two day extravaganza on the 23rd and 24th of September will present diverse opportunities for the students in the realm of skill, art and music; making it an enjoyable experience not only for the participants but also for all present. We invite the pupils of classes 9 and above to participate in this extravaganza.

Kindly confirm your participation in various events by the 24th of August, 2011. The timings and dates for the events will be intimated following confirmation of participation.

The events this year are as follows-

Shadows Speak
Be Human
In- Quiz-Itive (Quiz)
Question Hour
Heart to Heart
Soor Sangam (Eastern Music)
‘His Masters Voice’(Western Music)
Foot-loose(Western Dance)
Variegated Plumes
Wondrous Thermocol Art