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All Asia BQC Champions

Since its inception, St. Patrick’s has been a seat of all–round education. For the past seven years, our school has consistently made its presence felt at the summit of quizzing – “The Bournvita Quiz Contest”. Our school has been successfully represented by Susmit Basu, Angshuva Bhaduri (1996); Sourish Halder, Aniruddha Biswas (1997); Sourish Halder, Ankit Marwah (1999); Aqnuran Chattoraj, Abhigyan Dutt (2000); Abhigyan Dasgupta, Shamik Ray (2001); Shamik Ray, Abhigyan Dasgupta (2002); Shamik Ray, Pushpen Dasgupta (2003).

The team of the year 2003 became the All Asia BQC champions. Even though none of the other teams could reach the ‘GRAND FINALE’ of the Quiz, they did not go down without a fight. In some cases, the eventual champions narrowly edged them out. This quizzer’s of St. Patrick’s have not only made our school proud, but also has put St. Patrick’s and Asansol on the map of Asia.