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The U17 Football and the U13 & U19 TT Tournaments


To celebrate the spirit that our Founder stood for and to stay connected as part of the Edmund Rice family, the Founder’s Trophy was initiated several years ago.


This year six teams participated from CCBI schools dotted around the country, from Kolkata to Mt Abu to Shillong, in the football and table-tennis tournaments at the Founder’s Cup 2017 in St Patrick’s School.


This year too, as per tradition, the tournament spanned three days; from the 1st to the 3rd of July.


The opening ceremony was a spectacular show as the students displayed their talent through song and dance to welcome the participants. A special message was also presented by the Social Justice Wing of St Patrick’s. Teams then sweated out on the football arena to win this epic contest. The grand finale was spectacular – a dream final between St. Patrick’s  and St. Vincent’s School; with St Vincent’s proving the better of the two at full time.


St Patrick’s excelled in the table tennis tournament, winning in both the U19 and U13 editions.


The smooth functioning of the organization and the high quality and standard of the games brought praises from all; not least from the visiting schools themselves.